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Don't move a stove which is attached to a gas line; this prevents accidentally knocking the connection loose.

Cast iron stoves in particular can be extremely heavy so use care when attempting to move them.

True you can purchase offshore foreign made models – yet they “are not the same” both in substance, quality and intrinsic ambiance to your home or cottage.

A turn of the century old “parlor’ stove or pot-bellied unit complete with mica doors and nickel plate foot rails adds a sense of charm and Americana like nothing else.

Stoves have been manufactured for more than 200 years, many well made and ornate compared to today's stoves.

Next in sequence check the hearth for adequate size – adequate for heat and fire safety and perhaps as well for aesthetics and interior design needs. You or a heating trades professional or local handyman will have to determine whether the composition is of cast iron itself or sheet metal. A cast-iron stove to the trained or untrained eye will basically have the same “rough surface” of what will remind you of a cast iron skillet whereas a shiny-metal stove has a smooth and often shiny type surface.

If you find that you do have a sheet metal type stove you should be more concerned with apparent condition and condition.

Still all in all there is nothing like a real genuine American vintage old turn of the century pot bellied or old time parlor stove.

You may put a real genuine cast iron unit back into solid action – after all that was its purpose and function as a heat furnace for an area or perhaps you will determine that in the case of what you know you is an older sheet metal unit that while it may not have safe use as a furnace but spiffed up it sure may add to any room or home as a center point decorative antique.

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