Dating porcelain shards vienna girardi dating

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These cultural objects, usually referred to as pottery, had and continue to retain cultural significance.Their manufacture may have been by hand or by wheel.While reading a book is always good, to be able to ask the author is better.Included in all purchases of this book regardless of from which reseller you buy your copy, is one month (30 days) free membership in the Discussion Board where the author is a senior member.Imported ceramic evidence trade relations and permit cross dating.

Pottery specialists study the design, composition, and manufacturing of ceramic materials.Remains of imported ceramics provide important data concerning cross-dating and ancient commerce and trade.Nearly indestructible pottery shards, fragments of ceramic vessels, constitute primary data from which analysis of chronological, ethnic, and regional change can proceed.This book is the result of years of original research, following a new line of thought when it comes to Chinese porcelain decorations.The observation is a simple one, that in creating decorations that involves people, the artists would somehow be considering the fashion of the day in their depictions.

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