Dating psychology helium

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This is backed up by Galileo who stated that beliefs must be tested empirically in order to check that they work within the laws of physics.An example of this is Aristotle’s theory of motion in which he used rational thought to explain the motion of objects.Empiricism is only useful if it is possible for one to actually experience something and as there is much we cannot experience ourselves, rationalism is an important source for a great deal of knowledge.Overall, it is clear that empiricism has both strengths and weaknesses.

John Locke, along with many other empiricists, postulated the idea of Tabula Rasa, or the argument that we are a blank slate at birth and all the ideas and concepts that we have, build up as we experience more and more things.It is vital in our understanding of the world and in proving or disproving beliefs, but it cannot be used for everything, especially for answering questions based on intangible things such as the mind or theoretical mathematics.For these kinds of things rationalism would be better used and the most justified knowledge claims are those that cohere to both rational thought and empirical evidence.However, rationalists dispute the role of empirical evidence based on its claim that we can acquire knowledge through our senses.This is because sense data is indirect and there has to be mediation between sensation and perception.

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