Dating rules for women over 50

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Winter is over, and if you spent those last few months not dating, it’s time to venture out. If you’ve been fishing in the same pond for a long time, spring is the ideal season for trying a new one.

Drop your old, failed type and widen your search parameters.

What sealed his fate was he continued ranting about not getting his water glass refilled during the entire dinner.

Nothing is less attractive than lack of self-control.

More than four years ago, I met my now-partner online, but we had been avoiding each other on the same dating site for a year.

Once we forgot about our “types” and broadened our parameters, new opportunities opened up for the both of us.

Most single boomers have ridden a fair number of rockets, and a majority of the time, they’ve blasted off hopefully but naively.

Just look outside your window and you’ll see the world is waking up again.If it’s been more than three or four months since you’ve updated your online dating profile, it’s time to do some revamping.Your profile can get stale after a while, and users will look past profiles that seem to be old.A couple becomes sexual immediately without any emotional attachment, and the relationship takes off like a rocket.Sadly, the relationship crashes and burns nearly as quickly once both people realize there was no real basis for a relationship beyond sex.

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