Dating scams fro dennison texas

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" and he started to talk again and I hung up The funny thing is that about a month ago I got a call from a nu,ber I didn't know and when I called it back, it lead me to Movie Phone- A few minutes later, the call came in again and this time I answered it and it was this same idiot that called me today- He gave me the same speech and I told him he was full of crap cause the number he was calling from was NOT Windows but rather Movie Phone- He argued with me then and he argued with me today- If they call again I am informing him that the authorities have been notified and they are tapping my phone to catch his scamming AND if anything gets jeopardized with my computer or it crashes, the police will know about that too Can't wait to tell him that and see what he does I received a call from this number when I said hello this woman started saying I won multiple gift cards for different amounts- She never stated who she wanted to speak to or stated where she was calling from then quickly needed me to verify my info so I hung up Looking for administrative offices of Riondo USA, which has the web address of riondo USA-com and lists , as its phone number- Supposedly of greater NY City area-Also lists cell phone pf , Can you help me?

email I have called the AFL CIO headquarters and even have a friend who is a labor head in the Cincy area and he was not able to help, I have placed it on here and on the RIPOFF report- About ready to the TV stations in the Cincy area- I might just try your suggestion Phone ID was "cleaning service", and yep am sure that these folks were wanting to clean out my bank account- This scam has been around a LONG time, and uses a variety of spoofed numbers- They claim to either clean carpets, ducts, or fireplace flues- In reality, they are connected with a whole number of different scams- Are lowlife criminals This number calls at least times a day, never leaves a message, Caller ID says Wyckoff, NJ-The few times I have answered no ones been there-Some people have mentioned Medco, I have gotten an occasional call from Medco, with a different number and a real messagenumber , is number on my caller ID but message left stating my time has run out for resolution of my debt is a different number , Said I had hours to contact them or "papers" would be filed,scammers, not even creative these days I just received an email from them stating that they have called numerous times to tell me I was approved for a loan- All I have to do is give them - for insurance on the loan then they will send the money- Right Never had an account with Bank of America- No loose debts out there- After not answering one time, they called my sister and harassed her- When she questioned who what they were they said they couldn't provide that information at this time- But they told her I listed her as a reference- Thinking it was someone calling for the job I applied for, she answered all their questions (my dob and address)- No idea how or why they would contact my sister who lives in a different state when I've only missed the call once Byron said he was from Vonage, offered me days free, with a - activation fee-I gave him my online debit card number- Now I found out my home security system won't work with this-I'm cancelling the card Received calls in minutes from this phone number on a Saturday morning, between am and : am, on my cell phone- I let it go to voicemail since I was at work, no message left on any of the calls- The number appears to be a Verizon cell phone number Stop Zwicker & Associates Calls Zwicker & Associates calls can be unnerving- If you want to stop Zwicker & Associates calls, you definitely need to know your rights under the law- Keep in mind that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires that a debt collector must identify himself when contacting you - he can't pose as someone else- That doesn't mean, however, that he won't try-A debt collector has a bag of tricks that he uses to try and get consumers to pay- One favorite is to say that he's a lawyer and that he's going to sue you- The thing is that Zwicker & Associates is a law firm- That doesn't mean, however, that a Zwicker & Associates debt collector can claim he's an attorney when he's not- Similarly, if you're getting mail from Zwicker & Associates, remember that it's illegal for a debt collector to send you a document that mimics an official court or governmental document- Many times, debt collectors will send official looking paperwork to scare people into paying a debt - even when that debt is deemed uncollectable- Keep in mind that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act mandates that a collection agency has to be upfront about the actions you can take- So, for example, Zwicker & Associates can mislead you into thinking that you don't need to respond to a document, and then sue you in court for not responding-Zwicker & Associates Contact Information Zwicker & Associates Minuteman Road Andover, MA , Caller: Zwicker & Associates Call Type: Debt Collector This women, Wendy Nicole Myers Cromwell likes to call and text my boyfriend late at night- Her text messages say "can you talk, are you alone or can I call you?

they say I took a loan out back in - y would I only take ?

I've searched this number on the internet and I now know the owner of that phone number has a sprint spectrum in Fulton, Georgia- It's a cellular phone number- Once I answered this call, they hung up- I don't know- Probably prankers A Class Moving Services Call us TODAY () - Visit our website : aclassmove-com Main Street Southbridge, MA A Class moving in a class by itself, you can't go round when you move right- Mover, Moving Services, Moving, Moving Company, Long Distance Packing Follow us: www-facebook-com pages A-Class-Moving-Services Watch our video: www-youtube-com watch?

Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 7706879.

The mobile phone tracker has traced 7706879 operator and location.

Ive stopped answering a while ago but at times accidentally do. Only problem is I don't know anyone named Eddie, and I did Not call this number. I received a call from , on at : PM, the CNAM read as "Arlington CJD-" I picked up the receiver but did not speak, I heard background noise but no voices- After seconds, the caller hung up- A search of the number revealed that the call originated from Arlington Heights Chrysler Dodge Jeep What is it that keeps you from persuing your dreams? Well the time is now to remove that from your thoughts and give me a call to hear how it is done- Wouldn't it be something to wake up and wait to have a courier knocking at your door with an envelope full of greenbacks??I looked at my call history to make sure I hadn't but dialed or something. Of course it would be, in fact its exciting and it is done every day by folks such as myself and I want to share the way it is done with you-All I ask is you take a couple minutes, ring up my recorded information line to hear how- Thats all there is to it then you decide, Pbox , PIace_Ville, California Guy said he was from the auto protection department asked if this was name with set car living at set address, all were correct and I responded this sounds like a scam call, he said something along the lines of no its not, I informed him a quick google search says it is and he said have a good day sir- Now I'm writing this to warn others and going back to bed, its a scam don't answer or if u do enjoy mess I g with em- Going back to bed , Zzzz I received a call this morning from a DEA Narcotics Investigation unit- They left a message stating that it was urgent that I call them back to answer some questions right away- I called the "Special Investigator", Ten calls for me today- The guy is an idiot- I called him on it and was cursed out and told not to call back again- Yeah, Special Investigator my butt, This is a rude, nasty person- He told me he was "going to get me" The "Police were right outside",still waiting My colleagues and I got several similar calls from this number yesterday- They are fishing for information on the organisation- Same person calls and presents themselves under different names- Please note this is not a US number- is the country code (Liechtenstein)Just looked up the info: This is "Level Communications, Inc-, Blvd- E Fl , Weehawken, NJ - - contact phone is , - www-level-com" Their Business Category Industry is "Telephone Communications-" (Guess they didn't have a "Telephone Harassment" category-) The Contact Name listed is "Mike Lucas-" I will now attempt to email them to cease and desist - I may even have to call "Mike" and have a chat- Suggest everyone else do the same I submitted an online car accident report with the Columbus Ohio Police after I was rear ended and the driver of the other car drove off without speaking with me about the damages he'd caused- In less than a week I started getting up to calls a day from Chiropractor insisting I schedule a mandatory evaluation of my injuries from the accident for the attorney- I hadn't hired an attorney and had no injuries- When I tell them to stop calling, they keep calling and try calling from different numbers- ANGRY that I cannot even contact my local police department without being added to scam lists Someone called me from this number, showing a New Jersey area code, and left a voicemail message- The call was apparently regarding a job oppertunity, but as the caller was speaking in a heavy indian(?" she tells coworkers they are friends but why call so late or use cryptic texts?I a disabled senior citizen and these calls (,)call me late at night and especially when I am not near a phone-Iget the feeling they are callin from a foreign country , it is always from someone with a foreign accent-I have asked them several times to remove my number I've gotten tons of calls from companies like this so I had a ready response this time "How do I get you guys to stop calling me?

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