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Kristi was initially aware of Dennis’s striking blue eyes, his warm personality and his character.

It was obvious that he loved the Lord, and loved people.

But once he clearly knew that this was what God wanted, he had no more doubts about marrying her. In a country where arranged marriages are the norm and where a love match can mean the couple is disowned, he had a delicate task. For the next three years, she studied Bible in India, he designed dams in America, and they wrote many, many letters.

Though Pari’s father was an unusually kind, God-fearing man, Dan still wanted to discern her true feelings before he talked to her parents. By the time they did marry, they had known each other for seven years. Nine years and four children later, Dan and Pari’s home is filled with books, hospitality and laughter.

Dennis, too, began to sense that something was about to happen in his love life. You decide.” Meanwhile, God had been doing background work that neither of them knew about at the time. Dennis lived on the east coast of the United States; Kristi lived on the west coast.

dating someone twelve years older-80

dating someone twelve years older-80

For many of them, he was the first American they had ever seen. He just knew that this mischievous teenager was not blinded by the fact that he had come from a rich country.

So his first stop was Pari’s school, where he could talk to her face-to-face. Of course, she loved him, but how could he possibly be interested in her? For Pari, being married to someone older, someone who is not having the same struggles in life, is an advantage.

Since Dan has already learned the lessons she is working on, he is able to help her see who God truly is.

What advice would they give someone who is considering marrying someone significantly older or younger?

Dan and Pari both feel that one of the keys is to observe, watch, and know the inner person before revealing too many feelings.

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