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For example, with direct mail, consider sending a thank-you package instead of a simple letter.

In addition to your letter, your thank-you package could include a small trinket that serves as a reminder of the gift your donor gave and a personalized certificate acknowledging the donor’s work.

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While she's seeing you; link her emotional thoughts to you and prepare her for a great physical interaction.

I’ll never forget our first date when you took me Starbucks and bought my favorite drink, and when I asked you if you wanted anything you said “never”.

Now, you ask ME to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte (sorry your secret is out), and I LOVE it. Because as much as I’m stubborn and want things a certain away, you’re the same way.

Of course, you should address every thank-you letter with the donor’s name, but you should follow a few other best practices when creating your letters: Don’t be afraid to really take your thank you to the next level either, your donors will notice and appreciate your efforts.

As an added bonus, you can take your letters one step further and hand-write your acknowledgements.

When donors receive handwritten notes, they’ll know that you spent time and effort to thank them. Nonprofits and individuals can publicly thank their donors at anytime, but this method works best at the end of a campaign when you can thank everyone for contributing to your cause.

This is definitely why we butt heads so much, but also why we have such a strong bond.]So many boyfriends treat their girlfriends as “objects” or separate from their family. You’ve let me be a part of so many wonderful experiences with your friends and family I am forever grateful. And most importantly, I know I can trust you with my whole heart because you care.

I know saying someone cares “too” much is so overrated, but you do and I love that about you. If only our unexpected meeting would have foreshadowed all the crazy things we have been through.

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