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They work, they see their friends after work, and they give time for their hobbies. They are living their lives in a full circle, and you are just an addition. Given that time constraint, it’ll be a little tricky to know if they are not replying because they are busy or they just don’t like you. Aside from competing for their time, another thing you need to be prepared for when you are dating an independent woman is their standards.It is best to know their pace for you not to arrive at misinterpretations. They have complete lives, so they are expecting yours is complete, too.Slavs have a tendency to overprotect their younger sisters in the ways you just can’t imagine.The second thing you need to know are the certain facts about her father.But when you are dating a Slavic girl, there are certain things you need to know, or this experience will hit right back to you when you expect the least.

When you are dating a Slavic girl, there is one thing you need to understand.

During the meeting, he will probably squeeze your hand to the point of breaking, and say to you that his “sweet little sunshine” is the most important thing for him in the whole world, and in case something happens to her, he has a shovel a car and a good alibi at anytime.

Then he will hug you like he loves you more than anybody, and pour some brandy for you.

You can offer to shoulder all the expenses if you find it chivalric, but don’t impose your idea. Another thing that you need to prepare for is your itinerary.

She might get the wrong message that you’re telling her that she cannot pay for what she ordered. Leaving the decision making up to her can send her the wrong impression of you that you are someone who is incapable of making life-changing decisions. Yes, she is more interested in people with ideas, so your looks might not be that much of a factor when she’s deciding if you have a chance on being in a relationship with her or you don’t. It’s like a take it or leave it kind of situation, unless of course, if they realize that their actions make them toxic.

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