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CBD, a compound found in both hemp and marijuana (both members of the genus Cannabis), is known to have healing benefits but is not intoxicating like tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the compound that gets you high.

THC is present in marijuana (Cannabis sativa or indica), at 5 to 35 percent, but occurs minimally in hemp (a nonpsychoactive variety of C. Hemp is often bred to contain high levels of CBD, and people are rushing to make products with it that are legal, beneficial, and profitable.

And so, Roz Payne was the second person to enter that apartment, right behind Powell. Roz-web: Black Panther historian and documentary filmmaker Roz Payne in her film library with photo of Panther Dr. Photo: Jan Doerler ______________________________ Read Roz's Obituary ______________________________ I recently attended two memorials, back to back.

One was for a man, a vibrant engaged man, at the peak of his work life, a middle-aged father of two, taken out violently and unexpectedly.

But most striking is the empty space at the top—no statue!

We take it for granted that “she” will be there, framed by trees and sky. This year, we Vermonters are privileged with a historic opportunity to honor our symbolic home-grown statue.

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CBD: The Healing Compound There is, however, a cannabis product that people can, and are, selling: cannabidiol, or CBD.

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Curtis Powell was about to be arrested on April 2, 1969, it wasn't an attorney or a family member that he called.

Women are at the forefront of this burgeoning industry, nationally and locally, in every aspect—as growers, advocates, scientists, herbalists, and business owners.

In Vermont, the legalization of marijuana for personal use in July 2018 gave the people already growing hemp (legalized in 2013 with Act 84) and dispensing medical marijuana (legalized in 2011 with Act 86) a boost from a new crop of enthusiasts growing their own plants and starting to make their own products.

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