Dating violence true stores of hurt and hope

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The laws pertaining to these situations vary from state to state and platform to platform, and they are evolving rapidly.

Learn more about these how people use technology to harm others.

Open communication can be a challenge with teens, but it’s an important part of keeping them safe.

Vacation mishap - "he could live with me having the affair but wanted nothing to do with a bi racial child" My husband and I needed some time to rest and relax from our busy lives, we booked an all inclusive trip to an island, arranged for my parents to watch … I watched the video of my wife cheating after she told me she was raped I was sleeping one day when she woke me up.

Up to 2 months ago I believed that I’m the luckiest person in the world. I knew he was doing it, his lies became that transparent it was embarrassing. Trying To Forgive - "I just found out last month that he was cheating on me during my pregnancy" I have been with my boyfriend for 12 years. I just found out last month that he was cheating on me during my pregnancy …

I had a loving, beautiful wife, a 5 year old son whom I love more than my life, … (Part 3 of 3 parts to my hell) Part 3 of 3: Anyway, that is the story of my New Year's Eve, 2012, the 8th anniversary of the night I asked my wife to be my bride. In my own house..."Its hard treading feel so all alone" My husband and I will have been married for about 9 years..November.

Learn more about talking to kids and teens about sexual assault. If you suspect sexual abuse you can talk to someone who is trained to help.

Call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.

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