Dating when you have children

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“Dating someone with kids is going to look different for everyone because not every parent has the same relationship with their kids,” says Dr. “One parent may see their kids every single day, while another person only sees them at holidays.One big question to ask early on is how big of a role that person plays in their kids’ lives.” Next, Dr.While, yes, dating someone with kids can be complicated, sex and relationship expert Jessica O’Reilly, Ph D says that not only can it work, it can lead to a vastly fulfilling relationship.(Just ask Luke and Lorelai.) That said, there are a few factors to think about that you otherwise wouldn’t have to. O’Reilly shares insight on what to know (and what to discuss with your potential partner) before pursuing a full-on relationship with someone who has children. How involved are they with their kids, and much do they want you to be involved, too?Parents need to be role models to their children, which means stumbling through the door at 3 am is simply not a good look. Single moms also deal with a limited sleep schedule, being that they probably need to drop kids off at school in the morning and attend different school events.This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy your time with a single mom or that single moms don’t know how to party.Along with maintaining her own income, she is singlehandedly caring for little ones, and she may even be doing it without any help from the biological father.You might feel like you can’t complain to her about your issues or bemoan a lack of sleep because — let’s face it — she probably hasn’t gotten a decent amount of sleep since her children were born.

Take a look below for 12 cons of dating a woman with kids.

Even with just two people involved, dating can be challenging.

Adding a child and potentially a co-parent to the equation means there are even more factors to be aware of.

But the freedom to get totally wild and make mistakes isn’t really an option for parents.

If you’re dating a woman with kids, you need to prepare yourself for things to change at the last minute.

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