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That’s a pretty hefty drop in sample size, but more than enough to draw firm conclusions from the data.The results showed that the current partners of participants described their personalities in ways that were similar to former partners.She received her Master’s degree in educational psychology with a specialization in counseling psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

How do they bring up issues that are troubling to them? Do they accept responsibility for their part in things not going well?

In addition to the ability to be introspective about your own contribution to the relationship, notice if your potential partner is trustworthy and committed.

Trust means that this person will be there for you in your time of need, will have your back, and keep your best interests in mind when they make decisions.

Editor’s Note: Strong relationships are at the core of a happy life, but sometimes, dealing with the people in our lives is tricky.

That’s why Thrive Global partnered with The Gottman Institute on this advice column, Asking for a Friend.

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