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All-Time HR Leaders - updated [7/05] Injuries in the SOMBILLA [7/04] Great Players on Bad Teams [7/03] Designing Ballparks [7/03] Original 1985 Dispersal Draft, revisited [7/03] Comparing the Great SOMBILLA teams [7/02] The Cut Lists [7/02] ] 2001 Draft Analysis [7/05] 2002 Draft Analysis [8/06] 2003 Draft Analysis [8/07] 2004 Draft Analysis [8/08] 2005 Draft Analysis [8/09] 2006 Draft Analysis [8/10] 2007 Draft Analysis [8/11]2008 Draft Analysis [8/12]2009 Draft Analysis [8/13]2010 Draft Analysis [8/14]2011 Draft Analysis [8/15]2012 Draft Analysis [8/16]2013 Draft Analysis [8/17]2014 Draft Analysis [/8/18] Until 1998, Robin was in charge of all card burning decisions.

23 were won in 7 games 16 were won in 6 games 13 were won in 5 games And 11 of the series were 4 game sweeps.In the end, that speculation proved to be no match for actual facts, and Castro was burned.2005 - Robin had previously proposed resurrecting an old Canseco card and ‘injecting’ it, although she was vague about how that would be accomplished.As a result, we kept it simple and burned Barry Bonds.2009 - The league voted to burn A-Rod.(Robin adds that Ryan Braun is the early front-runner for next year’s burning – only because ‘banned for life’ A-Rod won’t have a card). It also featured my thinking that Bernard Gilkey had hit a go-ahead 3-run homer in the 8 inning of game 6, only to learn (after yelling and leaping around the room like a maniac) from Andrew, calmly sitting there waiting for me to return, that I had been looking on the wrong side of Gilkey’s card. And (again) which team was really better, North Dakota or Future Wax? A one-run loss in the finale, which could have gone either way, missing a 1-16 HR chance, yada, yada, yada. In 2000 games, North Dakota won 1119 and Future Wax won 881, a .560 winning percentage.overall, I wanted to verify if that was indeed a record and decided to turn it into a study. round Most likely to draft a retread in first two rounds : Eric has done it five times Most likely to be chagrined at having former cut redrafted in first two rounds: Jeff and Robin (4) Most likely to redraft own player in first two rounds: Eric and Robin, 1 each Who has had the most players redrafted, period? Here are the totals for the past 5 drafts (2014-2018) 1. Like the Red Sox “Which team was really better, North Dakota or Future Wax? To try to answer those questions, I played North Dakota against Future Wax on the trusty Strat-O computer for 1000 games, both before and after the big ransom trades. So, I pitted the two teams against each other for 2000 games. Certainly statistically significant evidence that North Dakota was indeed the better team. North Dakota did finish in first place, 4 games and 71 percentage points ahead of Future Wax.

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