Diablo 3 updating setup files error

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If you find them, I would right-click on the Compatibility folder itself, Export to a file (as a backup to restore just in case), then once you have a backup, delete all the Diablo related folders and try with and without the ddraw wrapper from my link again. If I can pinpoint which one of them triggers this issue, it may be a lot easier to figure out. This is the only other forum I have tried fixes from, and how I found your forum.

I also replaced the d3dx9_43 or whatever its called in the system32 directory, just in case it got messed up.Is there any way to get diablo to output an error file that would be useful? EDIT: I just deleted all of m dirextx through regedit, and that seems to have done nothing...this seens like its going to be as big of a pain in the ass aswhen i was doing some vba work on my laptop(without a pause/break key and without a removeable battery...) and ran an infinite loop...now, when i run diablo the whole screen goes black(like its trying to open in full screen) instead of windowed and still crashes, but this time the "diablo has stopped working" window appears.Ill try some different compatability settings and a few creating a few different batch files i have seen, to see if anything works in the mean time.

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