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Harry's life consisted of a series of unlikely events.

Aside from his uncanny habit of surviving things which were widely considered fatal - basilisks, Dark Lords, killing curses - there was nothing predictable about it.

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Harry had certainly never expected the war to drag on for years after the Prophecy had been fulfilled, but that was exactly what happened.

The remaining Order and DA members, along with their families, decided to leave Britain and restart their lives far away from the memories of death and bloodshed.

They scattered across the globe, no more than a handful going to any one place as a precaution against their locations being discovered. "That's a promise, mate."Moments later Ron and Hermione disapparated, leaving Harry standing alone in the entrance hall of the Order headquarters.

Play these dress up games to learn about the latest fashion trends.

Make your combination, score good points and you'll be admired!

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