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These forms of listening are among the most important components of the Sonic Meditations.

We thus associate listening with the all-encompassing, the universal, even the transcendent.

Similarly, even if the goals of most Deep Listeners are considerably less grandiose than a quest for "enlightenment," they nevertheless create works or processes which allow both the artist and audience to reach for creative (or possibly transcendental) experience together as a community.

Deep Listeners also expand their awareness by developing their sense of kinesthesia through training in Tai Chi and yoga.

Through such reflection, we discover that it is only through cognitive processes of listening that we give hearing a "sense" of direction.

Global and focal listening meditations also make us conscious of our extraordinary ability to filter sounds, as when we are in a room full of noise and focus in on one person's voice.

Our kinesthetic sense is stimulated by bodily movements and tensions, and gives us awareness of our body's presence.The ability to create "silence" selectively by focusing our listening is one of the greatest miracles of listening.In the 1950s, the American composer John Cage developed an elaborate aesthetic based on indeterminacy.This form of "nonjudgmental perception" was first introduced to western art music in the 1950s by John Cage, who appropriated it from Zen Buddhism.Oliveros' first contact with Zen came in the 1960s, and she remains a practicing Tibetan Buddhist.

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