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This dissatisfaction and unhappiness in marriage opens up doors for infidelity in men.They might find themselves immediately attracted to someone who could be a better match than their current spouse and cheat on them.Maybe they are all too consumed with their own thoughts to match the energy of the spouse.In other cases, the wife may turn out to be a nagging partner who fails to understand them.Basically, they ‘compromise’ due to family or societal pressures.This ‘choice of life partner’ is a potential ‘life gamble’ which may or may not work for such men.Many men feel an ex could fill the emotional void and may feel tempted to rekindle the long-lost romance and happiness in their lives.

But often, it has been observed that a woman is too consumed in balancing her personal and professional responsibilities.Life with wife and kids become ‘smooth’, predictable and the pure risk of an affair sparks new spirit in them.This could bring adventure in a dull and bland life and is an easy escape for such individuals.It often starts as innocent flirting, graduating to an emotional affair and finally ending up as a full fledged extramarital affair.Entry of an old flame or an ‘ex’ in life could definitely trigger an extramarital affair in an already disconnected couple.

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