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The story goes that consequently there is a huge information loss during online communication because of the aforementioned features lacking in text-based conversation.Efforts to bridge this gap, like the usage of emoticons in text-based conversation, merely constitute a poor substitute.In face to face talks you have to keep your mind sharp and focused in order to maximize information intake: nuances in expressions, intonations and on the fly translations when dealing with someone with a heavy accent or some other speech impediment do not afford a half distracted mind.Having your mind elsewhere is considered disrespectful or offensive – we all know the examples of a wife talking to her husband “Have you done the dishes?This is likely also a reason why SMS is such a brutally popular function on cellphones, and a reason why instant messaging as a medium is unlikely to be replaced by computer mediated audio or video chat in the future.[4] Context Face to face conversations happen everywhere and anywhere; on trains, in living rooms, in hallways, during sex, in waiting rooms, in fox holes, under shields while suffering a rain of Persian arrows and so on.Anyway One of the funny things about sound is that you can’t really freeze and capture it like a photograph. Of course, they will be kept somewhat in our memories, where they will be immediately edited (raped) by our silly brains, forgetting certain parts and overemphasizing others. Job interviews, trying to save or break a relationship, heated debates with your parents (or children) reaching very dangerous climaxes and so on? Especially when emotions are involved, things can slip out in oral conversations that shouldn’t have. Text chatting is not immune to the same pitfalls and problems of face to face communication in this regard and it has some extra danger added to it concerning informationloss due to lack of bodylanguage, intonation and so forth.

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As such, in text chatting you can appear reasonable, calm, informed or insightful while in face to face communication you might seem rash, ignorant, offensive, indecisive, blunt or stupid.

Taffy users will see their matches as a blurred photo at first, with a one-liner headline superimposed over the top.

‘Looking for a guy with a sense of adventure’ is one example.

Of course there’s the possibility that you’ll put time and effort into building a connection with someone that you just don’t fancy, but hey, maybe you’ll make a friend. You can learn more about Taffy and download it for yourself here.

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