Fossil dating difficulty in usa the dating game curriculum kit

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Well-preserved and abundant tracks were also found in the rock, similar in appearance to bird tracks.The scientists, who assert that the earth is billions of years old, concluded that the footprints must have been made by an unknown species of a small bird-like dinosaur, because according to Darwinian theory birds weren’t supposed to be around 212 million years ago.In the second, it was already believed, due to the presence of sandpiper tracks, that the formation had to fit within the neo-Darwinian timeline for bird evolution—and the geologists again received the date they were expecting.

The overlying volcanic layer of rock was given a new ‘date’ of 2.61 million years—despite the first radioisotope date being more than 200 million years older.Rocks that have been observed forming in recent times have been radioisotope dated, and the resultant ‘dates’ were greatly inflated when the laboratory wasn’t first informed of the Sometimes long-age-believing scientists admit that radioisotope dating has significant problems and weaknesses.In their view this is mainly to do with the great difficulty in finding rock or crystal samples that have not been weathered, altered, or derived from older rock.Many people alive today have seen identical tracks in the sand along a river bank, or at the beach.Realising that something was very much amiss, the new group asked for further radiometric dating.

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