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In case you can't finish a bottle, the club can keep it for you for up to 15 days.

Location: Sathorn The Club at the Koi, also known under its former name CÉ LA VI, is as its exquisite name suggests, a high class, fancy club/lounge in the heart of Bangkok's central business district Sathorn/Silom.

With space for approximately 250 people, this club offers its guests a great location to party to mainstream pop, EDM and Hip Hop. With its fancy interior, distinct reddish & pinkish neon deco lights and huge chandelier, the ambiance resembles one of the 80's Miami Vice clubs.

Levels Club is located at the 4th floor and can be accessed only by an elevator.

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The entrance fee is 400 THB (this includes one free drink).Usual guests are 80% foreigners for men, and 80% Thai for the ladies.Also it is worth to mention that around 50-60% of the ladies are freelance prostitutes.Unlike many other Bangkok clubs this venue closes its doors after 3-4 AM. It is worth noting that it's definitely not a glamorous, fancy place.It's actually a typical tourist disco where you'll encounter well dressed people in a suit, aswell as guys in casual dress. Most men are tourists and expats while for the ladies it's the opposite.

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