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Kevin Stenger, has retired and could not be reached for comment. 6, 2012, email exchange with a Phoenix attorney who obtained the browser histories in August through a public records request, Osborne offered this explanation for the oversight: "I have a very good reason why (the foolproof suffocation search) wasn't brought up during trial.I was never asked to conduct a search for 'suffocation' and the word does not appear in the Internet artifacts we prepared for trial, unfortunately." In a statement to Local 6 on Monday, the Sheriff's Office stood by Osborne and echoed her defense: "The Firefox record which contains the Google search for ‘suffication' was neither extracted nor examined."I really believed that (prosecutors) were going to sandbag us with it," said Baez.After all, poison, suffocation and plastic bags were exactly what the state claimed Casey Anthony used to murder Caylee and dispose of her body; poisoning her with chloroform, suffocating her with duct tape, then placing her body in two plastic bags.

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Melich and Osborne relied on Internet data from the computer's Internet Explorer browser – one Casey Anthony apparently stopped using months earlier.

Melich's spreadsheet does show activity from Casey Anthony's password-protected account beginning at a.m., indicating that she was on My Space and researching sexy costumes for "shot girls" to wear at her then-boyfriend's nightclub events.

But none of the 1,247 overlooked Firefox browser actions that day -- including the potentially incriminating search that afternoon -- appear in the easily extractable Explorer browser files that Melich relied upon for his timeline.

After Local 6 described the findings to him last week, trial prosecutor Jeff Ashton said, "It's just a shame we didn't have it.

This certainly would have put the accidental death claim in serious question." Ashton retired after the trial, wrote a book on the case and, in January, will become state attorney, unseating his former boss in this year's election.

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