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" It '9 better," ■aid the ph ilosophieal Onkhumt, " to tuke a i Knh deal all Touad.

Call him Luck, ani start him fair." A day wa* iccordingly set ajmrt for tlui cliri^^tetiiiif,'.

Gamblers and adven- tutvfs are generally supc Tstitio UH, and Oakhurat one day d«el Bred that the baby had brought " Cbe luck " to Boitring Cunp L It was certain tljat of late they had \»eii «acnti Hb\ st^ 8 THE LUCK OK BOAEIKO CAMP ■fi^ " Luck " VBB ibe name agreed upon, nith th« prefix of Tomtny foi gnster conrenioace.

Ko l Uueion wob made to th« mothor, and the father w&a unknown.

The choir was properly trained, aad Sandy Tipton wn* to ntand godfather.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public doinain.

What wno rawant by this ccr Gmony the^-nt^mm^tit Jn'iio has alr&ady gathered Romn idfjo of the rackloss irre Tft Ten M of Roart&g Camp, 'Ths ii]asl«T of cieremotiie R was ons " Boston," & iiot«a wag, and tlie occasigii neefie^d Uniifii:: the greatest .fc;yjip'ift"f!

tf" I Thie "n'f—**""" satiri&t h&d spent two days in propnring a burlesque of the Church service, with poititod local Hllu Bions.

*' II ain't oiy style to spoil fun, boys," said the little man, stoutly *ying the faces BToiind hi{n, " but it Rtrikea me that thi^ thing ain't exactly on tli« sqoar.

It's playing it pretty low down on this yec baby to ring in fun on him that be ain't goin' to undsnitiind.

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