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And I say “only” because again, everything hits #1 on the country chart for a week it seems.Classic Example “It’s Alright” 1992, #68 (14 weeks) (download) “It’s Alright” was released on the label, Hollywood Basic, which ends up being a perfect way to describe Classic Example.Each round a guy will come down the “Love Lift” and try to impress the girls. The last round is either a special talent or getting stitched up by a friend of relative.If they still have lights on by this point they can then turn off any remaining lights except two girls.

Not really a show that finds couples at the end but has a lot of entertaining drama.

Daters in the past have including people with Tourettes, learning disabilities, down syndrome, visually or hearing impaired and people in wheel chairs. Plus there’s new celebrities we can cringe over their so called dating techniques. Last series we got to see a bunch of celebs get professional help from a London dating agency and some did succeed getting second dates but other ended up breaking the rules and dating each other!

With the help of a personal introduction service and a dating agency these daters are sure to find love! This show helps celebrities to find dates, go on dates, and try to bag a second date. This series we have the likes of the gorgeous Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks, I’m a Celeb Ferne Mc Cann, Bear from well every reality TV show going at the moment, Perri Kiely aka the afro kid from Diversity and Joey Essex is back after failing to maintain a relationship with MIC’s Stephanie Pratt. Expect more drama, more cringy moments and more laughs for us as they date the public!

Clubland “Hold On (Tighter To Love)” 1992, #79 (12 weeks) (download) “Set Me Free” 1992, #90 (4 weeks) (download) Holy shit, these two singles were released only four months apart and yet sound like two different groups.

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