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The default lock screen and the user sign-in screen.

The changes you made via GPO probably are changing the default lock screen but that only seems to show at startup or when a user logs out.

First, it looks like you have "Do not display the lock screen" enabled Second, I would do on the client computer when troubleshooting these issues is goto the client computer and do the following: 1. Check to see if the GPO has been applied and not filtered out (gpresult /r) 3.

Today we got our first Windows 7 client and I noticed the proxy settings from our Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain were not applying top the Windows 7 machine running Internet Explorer 9.

Removing this group policy fixed the issue on a lot of computers, but we still had too many computers that where not compliant. Powershell was once again used for detection method of this application.

I wanted to make sure that any non-compliant computer that had a older than today’s date was detected as not installed, while clients with a file from today or newer was detected as installed.

It turned out there were two reasons the settings were not applying. I hadn’t updated my Internet Explorer Group Policy Administrative Template to support Internet Explorer 9.

That was easy enough to fix by going here and updating my Administrative Template.

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