Grandmaws wanting sex dating

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Most of us can remember the hot -- and frequent -- spicy moments when the romance was new with our partner.

But eventually the fire of a good love life may die down.

"Make a date for sex," says Castleman, a health journalist who previously answered questions about sexuality submitted to the Playboy advisor.

"Don't let it be an afterthought," he tells Web MD. People make plans for other things they enjoy, like ski trips or dinners out." Weston agrees.

It can be hard to give into the moment when you're having sex in your all-too-familiar bedroom. "Lovemaking is, fundamentally, a present moment experience," says Castleman.

"The best sex comes when you're not thinking about the past or the future, but only the present.

"For couples that have been together for a while, sex can become routine," says Castleman.

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This can mean all sorts of things -- maybe lingerie, massage, sex toys and so on -- and trying something new doesn't have to be outrageous.If your partner were to turn to you tonight and say, "What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? "Some people have to do a little work at figuring out what really arouses them," says Weston." or "What do you want to change about how we have sex? But figuring out what you want is key to having a better love life. Weston observes that there are plenty of tools out there to help: books, magazines, videos, and so on.A non-descript place off the Interstate might be just fine.Of course, having a sex life that's wholly dependent on trysts at hotels and overnight babysitters may be a problem if you're not fabulously wealthy, childless, and unemployed.

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