Greeksex dating

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If you do that and take the advice from this post you can certainly start to make more things happen.

We will get to online dating in a minute but this part is all about where to meet some fly honeys out on the town.

We haven’t actually done a statistical analysis or anything, but you can usually do well trying to pick up women from other countries during the day.

For the local girls go to town squares like Syntagma or Monasteraki.

Or don’t lie to her and just ask her about herself and let her ramble while you pretend to be more interested than anyone has ever been before.

For day game the touristy areas should have the most women per square mile than anywhere else.

In Exarchia go to Blackbird Bar, plus you will find many more bars in the area.

Some good strip clubs in Athens you may want to try out are: The Kinky Opera is known for putting on some nice performances as well.

For a good beach vacation you have many options in Greece, check out the nightlife in cities like Ayias Napa, Thessaloniki, Ios, or Mykonos to bang sluts.

If you prefer a wild nightclub then go try to meet girls at Lohan.

Maybe you want to tell her that story about how you saved a blind kid who almost fell off a cliff, or that you were an extra on the Titanic movie.

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