Gypsy sync error messages when updating

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This setting will result in more RAM usage, but less demanding playback for the CPU.

A ‘Cache Level’ of 4 is best for users with slower computer setups that are using less demanding sample libraries that are streaming from traditional, mechanical HDDs.

A ‘Cache Level’ of 2 is a good starting point for users with mid-range computer setups that have an aging CPU, but with SSD drives for sample streaming and plenty of memory (RAM).

Please note that the demands of a given project will the recommended ‘Cache Level’ setting.

For example, on the same computer, a large Hollywood Orchestra template will require a higher ‘Cache Level’ setting than a small project using a less demanding PLAY Library, like Fab Four.

Make sure the SSD is connected using either a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connection for external enclosures.

For instructions on transferring your Play Libraries to a new hard drive, please see the following: FAQ: How can I transfer my Play Libraries to a new hard drive?

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