Hampden watch dating

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For the next seven years he was forced to sail around the world until he eventually managed to escape and return home to Boston.

When he did get back no trace of his family could be found and despite many efforts to find them all proved futile.

In the summer of 1866 Donald Mozart was dismissed from the company that bore his name. With Mozart gone the company changed its name, in 1867, to the New York Watch Company and moved to Springfield Massachusetts where it purchased two buildings into which it moved the machinery. The ability of last two men to work well together had much to do with the initial success. Norton," and "Albert Clark", many of these names being company officers.

The site was between modern-day Van Horn Park and Wait Street on the north side of Armory Road. The factory was destroyed by fire on April 25th 1870, but many of the machines and much of the materials were saved. In 1871 the company placed a size-18 full plate movement on the market.

My purpose it simply to link strands, part stories, articles and snippets together to take the story forward as a whole.Don was by all accounts a little temperamental, somewhat unstable and difficult to live with, nevertheless he and Anna Maria remained married until his death.Don spent much of his time experimenting, developing and inventing watches.Sociologically the story throughout involves a succession of migrants from the old world making their mark in the new world and takes place in the diverse In particular I wanted to include more about the contribution Hampden patterns, tools and staff made to the Soviet Watch Industry and, in turn, it's role in perpetuating Hampden technology for a further four decades.The USSR's ability to produce fine horological devices was somewhat unfairly dismissed by Gibbs in his definitive publication "From Springfield to Moscow".

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