How is 50cent dating

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Before that he was a boxer and even had a boxing gym.

James began rapping where he used turntables to record at a friend’s basement.

Considering in 2007 he was the second richest hip-hop artist and in 2015 was the fifth richest, what’s 50 Cent’s net worth as of 2019? Curtis James Jackson III was the name given to him by the mother when he was born in 1975 in the state of New York.

His mother Sabrina who used to be a drug dealer raised him up until he was the age of 8 before meeting her death from a mysterious fire.

He dropped out of school since he was spending most of his time in jail.50 Cent is 44 years old as of September 2019.

His height is 1.83 m tall and has a weight of around 94 kg.

One of his girlfriends Shaniqua Tompkins, gave birth to their son, Marquise Jackson on October 13, 1996.This incident resulted in Jackson being raised up by his grandmother since the father had also departed.At the age of 11, Jackson began boxing but selling narcotics was his primary activity in school and when he wasn’t training.Perhaps, Paris struck a deal to get that G-Unit verse. What’s the real deal and why did they refer to 50 as “50 Cents? ”my 2 (not 50) cents Paris is doing it for publicity50 is doing it to "experience" high class kitten - letz face it, this girl belongs to a dynasty!! Who wdnt want to hit that (even if it isn't as good as they think it will be)? I knacked (using a nicer word ) a hilton" LOLI think 50 is broadening his horizon. Paris Hilton has a track record for being a little trashy.

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