How to follow proper christian dating behavior

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Most importantly, a date should matter simply because people matter. Many of the problems with modern dating are a result of being afraid to dive fully into the experience. As a contrast, Christian romance should be a spectacle to behold.Making a date meaningful is an act of showing others their immutable value. Our identity is in Christ, we are secure in the family of God, and are to treat one another with a Christ like level of love, respect, and sacrifice. Therefore, a date needs to be a clear, intentional act of pursuing a relationship. A proper date is the clearest way to avoid needless confusion or the ridiculousness that is constant defining-the-relationship conversations.Instead, we should be living and communicating with such conviction a “DTR” is never needed. A proper date takes courage and the risk of personal investment.

Sermon on the Mount (1877, by Carl Heinrich Bloch) depicts Jesus' Sermon on the Mount in which he commented on the Old Covenant and summarized his teachings.

Freed to give and receive generous action with no thought of return, we get to and should be brave with our romantic gestures.

We have opportunity (if not an obligation) to boldly show the depth of our love and vulnerability to others. For (at minimum) the first proper date: Anything less and I’m not sure what you are up to, but it is not a proper date.

I am honored that Relevant Magazine would publish an article of mine titled How to go on an Actual Date.

The piece is an adapted excerpt from my longer article: Bringing Chivalry Back.

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