Im 15 dating a man older than me

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good luck Guest You seem very much tending to the falling in friendship with guys, rather than the much more common falling into conventional love, that1s to say genuine friendship/genuine love, the same.This enables you far better emotional stability, especially during what would otherwise be described as the "romance phase".i listened to myself and am very happy with my man. It is hard we love eachother and he treats me like a princess but I find it really hard from time to time like tonight. I too feel so lonely at times and have no girlfriend to talk to well no friends at all. It has becdome like an obsession we are both nuts about eachother. i have no one to turn to I know how you feel my good friend is older than me he is 50 I am 19... But in anycase I feel the same, emotional love, I could not be lusting towards him.he makes me very happy and i know he feels the same. I don't really have any friends here and I find it hard to meet new people, I never feel attached and I know it is unhealthy to spend all of my time with him I wish I could find a way to make female friends. From what you have told us I believe he likes you too.I just need to know how to tell if he loves me back or if I love him at all. What I mean by closer is that we talk all the time about almost everything. I only feel love tword him in an emotional way most of the time.

Ones cut-off years for relationships, even for the vast majority, "time and place friendships", is set only by preconceived notions, and is in no way a measure for actual/real age, nor is it for any single individual trait.

He was flustered and had jokingly said that maybe it was his typing that puts me to sleep. besides the fact that i do already live with the man who is 23 years older than me. at first i felt wierd about dating him, did not take it serious.

Then when he was about to go I had said, "I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow." and he had said, "I can't wait either." and he put a blushing smiley face after it. but with the time i realized that age is just a number and if you do get along well and have feelings for each other then why not?

It's just now I can't picture my life without talking to him every night. Well then, maybe it is love in it's most actual state. I just don't think asking him out is such a great idea right now.

I really want to, but if I do it's going to be a semi-long distance kind of thing.

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