Im naked

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I think she was just busying up her mind so that she wouldn't have to think about her son oogling her as she was getting naked and going in the shower. She kept on talking, not requiring any response from my part.I just watched, through rippled glass, my mother fondling (so it was in my imagination) all her lady parts in the shower; squeezing and massaging her breasts, running her hands down her body and across her belly, her hands cupping her pussy and then working in the lather.She sighed, expecting some smoke, and said, "I saw the other pictures, it's not just fun." She watched for my reaction before she continued. I agreed that it was not right to have naked pictures of your mother."I will make you a deal," she started, "I don't like it, but here it is: You can look at me all you like, but the pictures have to go." Best deal I have ever heard.I have to admit, while I pretended to be cool about it and watch the movie, I couldn't keep my mind on it one bit. I shut down the entertainment system and she headed off to bed. There is just something exciting about watching a woman dress and undress, something intimate.Besides, she was going to have to get naked to do so. She was a little reluctant to take her top off, but she just played it cool like it was nothing. As she did so, she noticed something about her crotch and was poking at it.It broke my heart to delete my favorite prize pictures, but the trade-off was too good to pass up. A mother can't just give a strip show for her son right away." I didn't like it, but I was glad to get what I was getting. I agreed and asked for the most I could get without her exposing herself -- down to her bra and panties.

She was still dressed in her sleep shirt, but she was carrying her towel and shower supplies.

Seeing her fondle herself -- well, nobody can restrain themselves that much. The water came off and I straightened my shirt and tried to calm my raging boner.

She emerged from the shower, her towel around her head, trying very hard to mimic the picture I had of her before. "I can't believe you got over getting undressed in front of me so quickly," I told her.

"First off," she started, putting her towel away and presenting herself (a little uncomfortably) completely nude to me, "all the books say that I need to be frank, open and unembarrassed about women's bodies.

It didn't say to strip naked for your boy, but given the circumstances, it was the thing to do.

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