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After the girls spend an hour or so playing with each other at the club; we end up going back to their hotel with the intention of having a full-swap but after we had been playing for some time (with some mild intercouple interaction) just as the swap was about to happen (AND MY PENIS IS FINALLY DECIDING TO COOPERATE) she comes out with "I'm not really into you, was really just interested in your girl. and my penis retracted like a turtle into its shell.

That was the night done, still no full-swap :-(TIP #7: GET PREPARED FOR SOME REJECTION.

Not everyone is gonna like you and sometimes people don't always feel comfortable expressing it directly until their hand is forced.

Especially if you are expecting to have a full-swap, make sure you talk openly and directly prior to getting your hopes up. At this point we were extremely comfortable with our relationship choices and were 100% confident that we both wanted to continue and that we would be comfortable in a more raunchy 'sex club' type event.

Deciding that I could not continue a monogamous relationship was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my life and I feel is extremely similar to deciding you don't want to have kids when your partner does.

I had realized it just wasn't for me and while it sucked that I didn't know it when we entered into our relationship if we continued without addressing it I would undoubtedly cheat. To each of which the response was ' I love you with all my heart but I no longer believe in monogamy.'. Was all completely new, in the end we settled on going to an event called Saints and Sinners. Saints and sinners was the perfect balance of raunchy but with plenty of vanilla areas to escape the crowd and backoff if someone is feeling uncomfortable.Women (yes broad generalization) tend to need more time to mentally process how they feel about a given situation and are generally less impulsive. Especially as in my case she is the daughter of a Church Pastor, hot eh? So we get to our first event and by that stage I had started to realize that initially all our interactions needed to be solely (or at least mostly) focused on her.Don't nag, don't threaten, give your partner time to come to their own conclusions and process how they feel. I am lucky enough that my girl is gorgeous and as soon as we got to the event the level of attention she received was pretty insane. Quickly enough after we got comfortable we ended up going downstairs to the play-area and making out, at this moment a lovely bloke came up behind her and started touching her (after confirming it was ok).serves to get the time on, and I am very willing it should continue, as it saves me some hours of discomfort in Arthur's society, and gives him some better employment than the sottish indulgence of his sensual appetites. Roughly a year and a half ago after spending some months researching and processing my feelings about swinging I approached my partner of 3 years and explained that ' While I loved her with all my heart, I could no longer be in a monogamous relationship.'.

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