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The solution: Water company officials carry photo ID — check it out carefully — and use only official vehicles. And don’t let people pressure you into making purchases with high pressure sales tactics.The scam: Instead of sending you a phishing email, scammers send you a cell phone text message, supposedly from your bank, asking you to visit a website whose address looks genuine.Apart from the sheer cruelty of capturing them, they’re worth next to nothing — there’s an estimated 65,000 of them!They can’t talk either and, sadly, most of them die a short while after being caged.The scam: A sad story and a timely warning from the ever-popular classified ad site Craigs List.

The scam: A terrible phone call to a Sioux Falls, SD, man tells him of a death in the family, asks him to call another number for details and to begin his cell phone call with the code *72.

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Here’s the current round-up of nine scams in the news…

Every week here at Scam, we get scores of reports of scams that have cost their victims millions of dollars or caused untold misery by robbing people of everything from their personal financial details to their kidneys (the kidneys are a joke).

So, we decided to try something new and get your feedback. ” Scam Lines brings you the headline details of the latest cons.

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