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Creatures attempting to enlist its aid against you can often do so by convincing the target they are able to protect it from your wrath, using the normal Diplomacy rules.

You can use this skill to cause an opponent to become shaken for a number of rounds.

Success: If you are successful, the target is shaken for one round.

This duration increases by 1 round for every 5 by which you beat the DC.

10 Ranks: If you exceed the DC to demoralize a target by at least 10, it is panicked for 1 round or frightened for 1d4 rounds (your choice) and shaken thereafter.* A Will save (DC = 10 your number of ranks in Intimidate) negates the frightened or panicked condition, but the target is still shaken, even if it has the stalwart ability.

In this system, characters unlock additional abilities when they attain 5, 10, 15, and 20 ranks in a skill.

The skill unlocks system interfaces with the unchained rogue to make the rogue the true master of skills.

Does the shaken condition from effects like Intimidate count as “an effect with the fear descriptor” for the purpose of blocking spells with emotion components? It should say “fear effect,” and for most descriptors, these wordings are sometimes used interchangeably.

For instance, an ability that protects you from effects with the charm descriptor would generally protect you from a harpy’s song (which is a charm effect).

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