Jake silbermann and van hansis dating

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This was written for the What Did You Do prompt meme community on LJ for the prompt "I think you owe me an explanation" prompted by Jim Jake was just cast in a role for this year's run of A Christmas Story, and he's getting on well with his co-stars.Problem is, looks like the guy who was cast as Ebenezer is turning out to be a real Scrooge.But it's not usually about the acting, its just running lines." He said that the "acting comes" when the cameras are on."We are comfortable with each other as actors, so if one of us does something new during taping, the other just rolls with it and it usually creates some nice moments," said Hansis.He needs to hide from the people that now want him dead for reasons he doesn't really understand.The only person he can turn to is the best friend he's estranged from (who he's completely in love with) and hasn't spoken to in almost a year."Noah and Luke were voted top couple in a Soap Opera Digest poll.The funny thing is, a lot of people want them to be happy, but a lot want them to suffer heartache and tragedy — because that's what couples on daytime TV do.

We rehearse together to make sure we have the lines right.Part one summary: These dares they give each other are getting out of hand.Part two summary: Jake and Van discuss the merits of Bride & Prejudice. Part three summary: X-Men3 is really gay Jake and Van haven't seen each other in a few years when fate suddenly pushes them together.Jake manages to move past disappointment and finds peace.Then his world is turned upside down by an unexpected coincidence. When he gives in to it for once, he ends up hurting someone he didn't realize would become important, a part of him.

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