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But seriously, whose genius idea was it to place a holiday celebrating passion and romance and love in the dead of winter’s cold, cold heart?

That cute dress you want to wear to the restaurant? Those snakeskin shoes you’ve nicknamed “The Deal-Sealers?

So I dated a non-Jewish girl for eight years, with full disclosure on the table that marriage wasn’t happening before a dip.

If I couldn’t find a Jew to marry, then I guess I’d just have to make one.

Valentine’s Day is a thoroughly ridiculous holiday.

It’s okay, I can say that: I was born on Valentine’s Day.

” Have fun sloshing around in the gray-black slush that lines our fine streets in wintertime (not to mention the resultant salt ring). Which is why one of the Jewish accomplishments I’m most proud of—right up there with Rabbi Nechunya ben Ha Kana figuring out the universe was 15.3 billion years old in the 1st century—was that we realized two-and-a-half millenia ago that Valentine’s Day works a lot better in the summer.

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I had little idea, less prospects, and even lesser interest in anyone from my community.

Years and years of identity interrogations, “tolerance” being mistaken as being “acceptance” and just plain ol’ bona-fide racism tend to do that to a person.

(Parents, now would probably be a good time to stop by your kids summer camps. After all, I’d seen her profile and saw that she had checked “Reform,” just as she saw that I had checked “Orthodox.” So, clearly, a relationship between us was not something that was going to work out.

However, we both had resources that would aid the other in their specific branch of diversity work, and we were more than willing to share the wealth.

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