Juggalo dating

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St george escorts backpage under juggalos i need a date to the gathering of the juggalos hit me up if you're down i need a girl who can straighten me out lol. This has absolutely nothing to do with juggalos juggalo dating sites will only be of interest to people who enjoy Happy Endings gifs and pictures of tights.I am considering writing my law review note on Juggalo legal issues.GWAP - money Gangslang - A group of punkass bitches talkin shit about your Juggalettes.The Great Milenko - The fourth Joker's Card Homie - A friend. Hound Dog - A fan that constantly bothers you for autographs and attention.The Riddlebox - The third Joker's Card SOC - "Shit On A Cactus" a juggalo phrase meaning "are you fucking kidding me? Three-One-Three Fingerpops - Slang for detroit police Three-Ring Circus - When a juggalo/juggalette builds an addition onto his or her home. Ting ting - bud pipe Valedictorininja - When you have a GPA of 1.0 or higher at your local vocational/tech school. One of the dynamic duo to start such as Soopa Villans and Pyschopathic Rydas. XYZPDQ - Used when a juggalo is thought to embarrassing themselves and playin themselves by walking in their hood with their zipper down." Shangri-La -Eternal paradise, Heaven (refers to The Wraith: Shangri-La) Shaggy 2 Dope - Real name is Joseph Utsler. Shark Zone - An area in a juggalo's hood known for its danger. " Shemp - A Juggalo you can count on 100% Shogun - A juggalo that has turned his back on the ninja ways and has become employed. Dark Lo Tus vulture- gold digger Weak - Bad, of poor quality, stale Wicked Shit - Horrorcore music, music by Psychopathic Records artists or any other Juggalo Music Whoop Whoop! Carnival of Carnage - The first Joker's Card Dimmage - Paying bills DWAMN- another word for "damn" Echoside - An afterlife beyond hell for the most wicked of Juggalos Extra Sauce - Welfare checks Fuck Ooof!

Ain't nothing but a fuck boy Bianca/Beatrice - A Bitch (from The Tech N9ne Song) Bigot - An extremly predijuduce person.I also Love love love to sing but i usually only do that in the car haha. I love the outdoors camping, bonfires, quads passenger only lol ,and Motorcycles.I love to kick it and party wen the opportunity irises.Bump Dump - When your girl takes a shit during anal sex.Chicken - Slang term, used when refering to a bigot.

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