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The two are madly in love at first, but as the video moves forward, the two begin fighting, and their relationship meets its end when Mc Coy's girlfriend walks in on him and his friends gambling.

Cupid tries a second time to get Mc Coy into a relationship.

The video begins with a dancing Cupid, played by a young Princeton (Jacob Alexander Emmanul Perez) from Mindless Behavior, who shoots Mc Coy with a love arrow as he passes a girl.

Patrick Stump can be seen watching from behind a newspaper as this happens.

There are two music videos for this song, one for each version.Initially, she went up to him when they were at a bar.This time the relationship works out, and Cupid does not have to shoot Mc Coy with an arrow even though he attempts to at first.It's going to be a good time." Warped Tour itself, which is a touring music and extreme sports festival, will be kicked off this week.As for the ring he presented to her, Mc Coy revealed "I went in (to the jewelry store) and said I wanted a ring.

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