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This specialist model is designed specifically with softer carpets in mind, and should be on the list for anyone with a shag pile carpet who doesn’t mind a mid- to high-end price tag. Sonic technology helps to dislodge dirt and particles that have worked their way deep into the pile, bringing them up to the surface in order to be sucked away.

With normal adjustable vacuum heads, it is the roller brush that retracts to deal with deep pile. It uses very large wheels that allow the head to float over the carpet, while an adjustable vent allows you to tailor for the pile depth. If you have lots of soft carpets and have trouble with normal vacuum cleaners, then this might just be the best bagged vacuum cleaner for you.

And get to know about the key features you need to bear in mind when choosing a vacuum for a shag carpet from our buying guide. Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet (Editor’s Choice) Type: bagged canister vacuum cleaner Brush: electric, 5 height settings Filtration: HEPA Air Clean Filter Miele vacs have won more than 60 consumer tests and last an equivalent of 20 years The Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet is a very strong all-around choice that has clearly been designed for those who need a vacuum cleaner that can very comfortably tackle soft and shag carpets, while still being able to deal with all of the usual jobs around the house like cleaning wood or vinyl floors.

Ultimately, this particular Shark product is best suited to those who are looking for a good budget option and don’t have too much deep pile carpet to deal with.

We’ve read hundreds of customer reviews, product features, and special instructions on cleaning shag carpets to put together our top 10 list.

In this guide, we’re going to make sure that everyone is catered for, whether you’re looking for something on a budget in case you’ve just got a single rug that needs cleaning occasionally, or you need a great-performing vacuum for your full shag carpet in several rooms.

You get several attachments included with the Electrolux, and this combined with a long 33 ft total extension should enable you to use the vacuum on pretty much anything you want. The EL4335B is priced in the mid-range but is still excellent value because of all the features that you get, in addition to its all-around good quality. The Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) is an upright vacuum cleaner at a very competitive price point.

It’ll do just about everything you need pretty well, including the cleaning of shag carpet, and we just had to include it in our top ten.

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