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Likewise, if you choose to accept and proclaim the truth within these pages you will find yourself amongst the growing ranks of social pariah unable to express the truth locked inside them to family, friends, or the public at large without fear of being alienated or even persecuted for attempt to share their enlightenment.Though with every courageous step you take toward the light of truth you will come closer to a complete understanding of who you are, and your glorious destiny as a descendent of the Aryan race!ET AL: 'Effect of surfactas on the gelation threshold temperature in aqueous solutions of a hydrophobically modified polyelectrolyte' XIIITH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON RHEOLOGY, CAMBRIDGE, UK, 2000 01 April 2004, RONCUZZI R ET AL: "EVALUATION OF THE DIAGNOSTIC POSSIBILITIES OF A VISCOSE WATER-SOLUBLE CONTRAST MEDIUM FOR HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAPHIC EXAMINATION IN FEMALE STERILITY" ATTUALITA DI OSTETRICA E GINECOLOGIA, SOCIETA EDITRICE UNIVERSO, ROMA, IT, vol. 6, November 1968 (1968-11), pages 605-630, XP008020940 ISSN: 0004-7317RUBIN D L ET AL: "INFLUENCE OF VISCOSITY ON WIN 39996 AS A CONTRAST AGENT FOR GASTROINTESTINAL MAGENTIC RESONANCE IMAGING" INVESTIGATIVE RADIOLOGY, PHILADELPHIA, PA, US, vol. 4, April 1995 (1995-04), pages 226-231, XP008020947WARREN P S ET AL: "THE LIQUID-FILLED STOMACH - AN ULTRASONIC WINDOW TO THE UPPER ABDOMEN" JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ULTRASOUND, NORMAN HOUSE, DENVER, CO, US, vol. Temporary location Aryanity: The Forbidden History of the Aryan Race By: A. Chapman (aka Orion Starfire) Contents: Caveat Lector Introduction Chapter 1: Cro-Magnon Man Chapter 2: Rise of the Atlanteans Chapter 3: Legendary Lost Lands Chapter 4: The Genetic Evidence Chapter 5: The Race of Giants Chapter 6: The Atlantean Aristocracy Chapter 7: Ancient Technologies Chapter 8: Prehistoric Nuclear War Chapter 9: The Great Rebellion Chapter 10: The Two Houses Chapter 11: The Rise of Jewry Chapter 12: The Egyptian Christ Chapter 13: The True Nature of Christ Chapter 14: The Rothschild Dynasty Chapter 15: Fascism and Socialism Chapter 16: Rise of the Third Reich Chapter 17: Debunking the Holohoax Chapter 18: The History of Ariosophy Chapter 19: Archeology of the Third Reich Chapter 20: Occultism of the Third Reich Chapter 21: The Hollow Earth Chapter 22: Homo Galactica Conclusion Bibliography Legal Caveat Lector: This work is written as a gift for modern descendants of the European Aryan race and is based on a lifetime of study and profound contemplation by the writer.Since the oldest known records of civilization, advanced societies have risen and have fallen, but none have advanced so rapidly as western civilization.

They have since attempted to skew the truth by creating a popular culture of fantasy designed to conceal the true nature regarding the history of the ancient Aryans and their modern rebirth as a culture.

To some, this information will seem so outside the norm of what they have been taught their entire lives that they will choose to reject it, out of cognitive dissonance or the fear of having to confront a false world view that many if not most have held since childhood.

Within this work many of your most cherished beliefs about history, about your place in this world, and about the moral fortitude of your leaders (both on the left and the right) may be challenged.

Many of us are familiar with ancient legends from various cultures around the world concerning a golden age of humankind.

These legends are accompanied by legends of a lost civilization which had great technological and mystical power, accounts of flying machines and ancient and terrible weapons, which could destroy entire civilizations.

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