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Keys today shared this photo on the social media website, saying: The 24-year-old Fratangelo, named after tennis legend Bjorn Borg, won the boys’ singles title at Roland Garros 2011 and turned pro in 2012.

Right now he’s ranked No.111, while his highest ranking was No.99.

We did find out the lovely brunette is a clear supporter of the LGBTQ community and has her social media network accounts plastered with images of and her girlfriends having fun, but no sign of a male around and there’s no report on a past boyfriend either.

That could mean many things, she’s into girls, she hasn’t found Mr. Recently Madison has been posting photos with Bjorn Fratangelo, the 6’0″ tennis player from Pittsburgh.

A video taken several months ago, while we weren’t in a relationship is showing one side of a story, this will not tear us apart," she said.

"We chose to forgive, forget and move forward with a fresh start.”Later, in an interview with published in May, Austen confirmed, "The relationship is intact today." The interviewer then asked if Madison was "the one" for him.

As Lindsay Denninger previously reported for Bustle, Madison later told a fan on Instagram why she and Austen gave each other second chances.

"Like every relationship — we have went through a few bumps in the road to get where we are now.

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Austen never really seemed like he wanted to break up with Madison in the first place.

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But they reconciled at some point, because Season 6 began filming in October of 2018.

A lot of time has passed since then, and Austen and Madison decided to give things another try.

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