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I received an initial OWCP wage loss payment on March 28,2011 following the 45 day expiration of the "Continuation Of Pay", process.

I have received no subsequent payments of wage loss to this date, (April 17, 2011), nor any notification of discontinuation of benifits.

The reason he said he wrote me the ticket is because I was standing up and fishing, which he assured me was very dangerous, and I should sit down. Powered by v Bulletin® Copyright ©2000 - 2019, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

I suppose 25 years of standing in a canoe was very dangerous and I should thank my lucky stars I never fell out and skinned my knee. SEO by v BSEO 3.6.1 v Bulletin Security provided by v BSecurity v2.2.2 (Pro) - v Bulletin Mods & Addons Copyright © 2019 Dragon Byte Technologies Ltd.

In a boat that will run 70 it only takes a split second for something to go wrong, and you never know whats out there that you cant see. LOL so while the wife is parking the truck I get our vest out and lay them in our seats.

I hook my kill switch to mine and leave it hooked so when I get in the seat the vest is there and the kill switch is already hooked so I don't forget.

When I bought the canoe new 30 years ago none of the paperwork I got with it said I had to have a PFD on board.

If we stayed home on the couch there would probably be less lives lost due to boating.I could see that if you were on a 200 yard wide river with bow riders and jet skis are tearing up the water but shallow water with no traffic is a little over the top.As Smokey the Park Ranger told me, it's a Federal requirement that all VESSELS have a PFD for each passenger.Those are the people getting on the boards say their boat is a piece of junk because their transom came off and swear up and down they didn't hit anything.If they can't recognize the danger in that then they should be made to wear their vest. I have to agree with this, my boat is 21' but anytime its up on plane, everyone in it has their life vest on.

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