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I have not found a match because the people who match me can’t see me.

Would not advise my worst enemy to join this useless dating service.100% scam read a review that recommended this site 100% scam paid good money in good faith, after 2days was unable to message parties unless I again paid premiums their so called help desk gave me a massive runaround when I notified them of my problem 100% scam bet they chuckle as they read these reviews, got another one, one born every minute 100% scam.

I joined just over a week ago and have not been contacted by one real person.

They have changed where they live as now they claim to live in Australia but have exactly the same itinerary of questions. I would like a refund but is not contactable via email.

They are also surprisingly short and unspecific about their partners. some very attractive ladies who also don't seem to match their ages. I was amused to get so many similar emails from "widowers" who had lost their dearly beloved wife in accidents or though cancer.

I have been on less than a week and have already unsubscribed. do yourself a favour, don't subscribe and use that 0 to go out for dinner with a bottle of wine with yr best friend.... Profiles claiming to be from men living in Sydney who seemed to have no idea about the geography of Sydney. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though Product au may earn commissions for products/services purchased via affiliate links.

don't allow you to see if a genuine message exists with notification in your mailbox and Teasers that a number have viewed you. Match also put the transaction through as a "signature purchase" which seems unrealistic for an internet site (where did someone go to sign? It seems Match may be part of the problem and maybe complicit in this fraud.

They also offered discounts ( but want commitment for 6 month). Thus far I have blocked/reported 37 members who are scammers. I have emailed once and was told that i had emailed the wrong COUNTRY however it is the same bloody company. I have been on quite a few sites over the last 12 months and this is one of the worst for contact BY NO ONE REAL.When it came to eradicating the stigma that used to be part and parcel of online dating, one company did more than any other.Match's brilliant marketing campaigns reassured the world that finding dates online doesn't just work, but can actually be pretty cool.There are more scammers on this site than real people. I for a reverse search on an.image in Germany It a a scam don't get . I am 59 year old man and was repeatedly contacted by pretty computer generated women of a very young age some in their 20's it only took me a short time to realize this site is a scam, there is no support don"t go there is my advice .' I was charged on my credit card by Match with a US phone number in the reference.There would be 1 in 100 who may be genuine, and then their membership has expired and they do not use the site any more but they still keep them on charged me, tried to contact them to correct it, no luck - said they didn't know me, put in a fraud claim on my card & suddenly they knew who I was & my bank declined the fraud claim, tried to contact them again & same damn issues! When I contacted the US number they referred me to the International number.

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