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The LHD is an improved follow-on to the five ship Tarawa-class LHAs, sharing the basic hull and engineering plant.The LHD l has an enhanced well deck, enabling it to carry three LCACs (vice one LCAC in the LHAs).Six cargo elevators, each 12 by 25 feet, are used to transport material and supplies from the 100,000 cubic foot cargo holds throughout the ship to staging areas on the flight deck, hangar bay and vehicle storage area.Cargo is transferred to waiting landing craft docked within the ship's 13,000 square foot, 266 foot long, well deck.The flight deck and elevator scheme is also improved, which allows the ship to carry two more helicopters than its predecessor, the LHA.Differences from the LHA 1 include: use of an LSD/LPD-type lowering stern gate, vice the sectional, rising gate of the LHA; provision for three LCACs in a single-bay, longer and narrower docking well (which can alternatively hold up to 12 LCM 6, six LCM 8, or two LCUs); revised and strengthened aircraft elevators; internal stowage for ship's boats; a bulbous forefoot to the bow; larger-area bilge-keels; a squared-off flight deck forward (made possible by the omission of the 5"/54 cal guns and capable of spotting nine CH-53E helicopters at once); using HY100 steel to construct the stronger flight deck; additional cargo elevators (six 5.4-ton-capacity); a lower, narrower, and longer island; a narrower vehicle ramp to the flight deck; and better ballistic protection.

From the Sea." They provide the means to deliver, command and support all elements of a Marine Landing Force in an assault by air and amphibious craft.Some 1,232 tons of JP-5 aviation fuel and about 50 tons of vehicle fuel can be carried.During her first Mediterranean deployment, commencing in 1991, WASP's Marine Composite Helicopter Squadron comprised ten AV-8B Harriers, 12 CH-46 medium-lift assault helicopters, five UH-1N light attack helicopters, and four CH-53E Sea Stallion heavy-lift assault helicopters and the three LCACs of Assault Craft Unit Four (ACU-4).Only on Vporn you can watch and download hand picked sex HD Porn movies for free. Our team work hard to bring you new high-definition full videos every day.You won’t find on the other porn tube, that perfect streaming free porn videos.

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