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OK Cupid’s founders, who have stayed on since the sale, are four math majors from Harvard.

While still in school, in the late nineties, they created a successful company called the Spark, which composed and posted online study guides along the lines of Cliffs Notes.

They also urged people to submit their own quizzes.

By now, users have submitted more than forty-three thousand quizzes to the site.

The right romantic partner is surely on the app, but making other connections could serve you just as well.

Other dating apps are also getting into the content business.

They sold the company to Barnes & Noble in 2001 and then reunited in 2003 to revive the dating idea.

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Now excuse me while I go create an OK Cupid profile.

The online dating sites are themselves a little like online-dating-site suitors. OK Cupid, in its profile, comes across as the witty, literate geek-hipster, the math major with the Daft Punk vinyl collection and the mumblecore screenplay in development.

Get to know it a little better and you’ll find that it contains multitudes—old folks, squares, more Jews than JDate, the polyamorous crowd.

Tinder has a new publication, Swipe Life, specializing in personal essays that reinforce the idea that dating misadventures are cool, or at least exciting, invigorating and youthful.

(Swipe Life says downloading Tinder is a milestone in human life akin to buying your first beer and losing your virginity.)Bumble is selling itself as a means to personal betterment and greater sophistication.

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