Nfl cheerleaders dating black players

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The ending wasn’t totally happy though, and Will wasn’t entirely in it for looks.

While Ann is gorgeous, Middlebrooks would end up dating a reporter by the name of Jenny Dell, and they married just last year.

While the NFL tries to regulate player behavior off the field (i.e.

suspending or fining those arrested for various reasons), there’s no perceivable harm to NFL’s reputation if the two choose to tie the knot.

While they didn’t work out and have a beautiful happy ending, they’ve obviously moved on responsibly.

Amanda is still a model, and now works in Los Angeles in local TV.

It wasn’t until she met Ladislav Smid on a road trip with the team that she dived into the world of dating a man in the sport.

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A group of the most famous cheerleaders around, it’s no secret that the Cowboy’s organization typically has the cream of the crop – for both players and cheerleaders; however, Abigail Klein and her relationship with Troy Aikman is something that was almost unheard of in the league – a beautiful young girl dating a man that was much older and certainly not in his prime anymore.While they’ve known each other since they were younger, they both had great success in their respective careers.If you’re wondering if she’s still a cheerleader, that’s a harsh no, as she and Will became engaged and she resigned her position to be with him in Massachusetts.It’s the cycle of life: the hottest cheerleader ends up hooking up with one of the top athletes on the team – hot or not.It’s been this way since the start of high-school, and it’s engraved into the minds of millions around the world.

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