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As he goes back inside, Maggie is furious and reveals that Howard had interrogated her about him.

Strawberry Blonde had also advised her to keep an eye on Ray.

Stingray Spine Points Alligator Gar Scale Points Wet environments and shell middens along coastal areas have produced a variety of projectile point types made from at least two different marine animals in addition to shark teeth.

The Spanish chronicler Garcilaso mentioned the "fish" spine in the only known detailed description of Native American arrows. For heads, some had tips of deer horn worked to a very great perfection with four corners like the point of a diamond; others, fish spines marvelously designed for their particular purpose, and still others, heads of plain and additional strong woods that grow in that land -- heads with two and three harpoons which were carved as perfectly in the wood as if they were made of iron or steel, these arrows were feathered in a triangle so that they would leave the bow more accurately." This account described arrows from an area northwest of Apalachee.

10 in company of a prostitute, Howard, a local deputy sheriff who comes by the motel every few days to have coffee as well as the gas station owner and his mechanics on the other side of the road.

Ray feels more and more uncomfortable due to Howard’s and the gas station staffs’ odd behavior.

Howard tells Maggie he plans to kill her and Ray, making it look like Ray killed her and then committed suicide.Gar Scale points seem to have been most heavily used by Mississippian cultures.One example was recovered as far north as Monroe County, Georgia.As he comes back to the motel, he sees a man running away and notices red paint or blood on his shopwindow.Angrily, he goes to see the gas station manager and accuses him of being involved, but the manager denies involvement.

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