Non sedating antihistamines for hives dating a 21 year old guy

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Coming in contact with a particular object like latex can also cause a reaction.

Allergy shots, encountering certain chemicals can cause hives.

If hives have occurred in reaction to some food, welts will occur either single in number or a group. The most common welt type is circular with a pale center and a red halo.

Sometimes small welts join together to create a large area of raised skin.

This type of hives includes reaction which lasts less than six weeks. The causes may be similar to acute urticaria, but may also include autoimmune conditions like lupus and malignancies (2).

The most common causes are medicines, foods, latex, and infections. Direct physical stimulation of the skin causes physical urticaria or hives.

Infections, including colds and diseases caused by some bacteria or fungi, produce urticaria.

Though wretched hives are considered harmless, and they tend to disappear within 24 hours. Common hives symptoms are swelling of skin into pink or red welts or patches.

Minor trauma or stress can trigger an attack, but in most cases, swelling occurs without a known trigger.

For a mild or moderate case of hives, the most common hives treatment is a non-sedating variant of antihistamines (3).

The non-sedating variant of antihistamines is mostly used for mild hives treatment.

There are other conventional hives treatment as well, and if you are inclined to oriental medicine, ancient therapies, and home remedies, then you will not be disappointed either.

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