Online social dating network for meet new friends in tanzania

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I just like networking, that’s about it,” said one late high school-aged boy.

“…my school is pretty big, so if I didn’t know a person I can meet them through My Space and just see them at school then.

A bit more than a third (37%) of teens from households earning more than ,000 annually said they used social networks to make new friends, compared with 57% of teens from families earning less than ,000 annually.

Children of single parents were also much more likely to use online social networks to find new friends than teens with married parents.

If I know that they’re friends with someone else that I don’t feel like they’re [going to] come and attack me, and so it’s safe.” 16% of teens are connected to “friends” on social networking sites who they have not met in person.

As the above quotes suggest, some social networking teens report that their online friends are people that they have never met in person.

Teens also use the online networks to make new friends; 49% of social network users (27% of online teens) say they use the networks to make new friends.That’s how I make friends, I guess.” Another high school boy echoed his sentiments: “When you look at their profile you get to see who they are and see if they might like the same things you like.You might like how they look or something like that.” And for some teens, high school-aged boys in particular, it is a way to meet and approach potential romantic partners.One middle school-aged girl told us “My friends will have friends that I don’t know.You look at them…Then you feel bad because they’re like, ‘Oh, well, I just saw you in this play, be my friend.’ And then you’re like, ‘Okay.’ All right, you know, why not.” Another middle school girl elaborated, “I mean, I’m not really making new friends, I’m just not hurting peoples’ feelings.

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